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tmt 30
14th to 17th November 2018
Cologne, Germany


The Countdown to #TMT30 is on

Since Saturday, the installations for #TMT30 are running. Jörn Nettingsmeier, technical Director of #TMT30, about the large hall R5 / Adenauersaal which is one of the Immersive Audio rooms during #TMT30:

"The full crew will be working from today noon. Yesterday, Sebastian, Tobi and me moved a few boxes around, while the colleagues at Neumann & Müller were moving fast under the roof. All work at height is complete but for the acoustic absorbers, and the venues on the second floor are ready for the installation of sound and video equipment."

Seven tons of loudspeakers from Backnang for our main 3D venue R5

The first batch of 31 chain hoists in total are being installed in R5

The remainder of the 3 tons of video equipment from Hamburg that hasn't been distributed in the venues yet.

Speakers from Hanover for R3

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