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tmt 30
14th to 17th November 2018
Cologne, Germany


A world of difference: the Tonmeistertagung program for 2018

Participants of the 30th Tonmeistertagung, which runs from 14 to 17 November 2018, can enjoy an eclectic program covering all the industry's leading topics. In addition to 3D audio, one of the event's main themes, traditional pro audio subjects and their integration in the present and future of producing audio are given a platform.

Immersive recording concepts

The incredible amount of attention currently focused on 3D audio in the widest sense is owed to the unending virtual reality trend and the desire to constantly improve audiovisual experiences. The Tonmeistertagung is therefore devoting a good third of the event both to special recording concepts and the latest developments in 3D reproduction. Besides well‐grounded first‐hand information, the option to experience for oneself high‐quality productions in rooms equipped with extensive 3D reproduction systems, R1 (Studio) and R5 (Adenauer Hall), is given top priority.

New: AES‐reviewed papers

Due to a new partnership, for the first time this year will also feature scientific lectures which have undergone a full peer review by the Audio Engineering Society. This is another incentive for scientists to present their latest research at the Tonmeistertagung. In the field of perception of aesthetics, for example, Thomas Lund and Aki Mäkivirta will discuss the fascinating topic “On Human Perceptual Bandwidth and Slow Listening”. Just one of nearly 170 contributions to the TMT you don't want to miss.

Back to the future

Downloads were once considered the death knell for analog audio, but now the pendulum is swinging back: Vinyl records have returned! As re‐opened and newly established pressing plants are scarcely able to keep up with global demand, sound engineers of the digital native generation face a medium which requires mixing and mastering techniques and skills long believed to be obsolete. Therefore, as part of this year’s TMT Academy program Rainer Maillard will provide an in‐depth view of the exciting field that is vinyl mastering.

Networks in production and broadcasting

Dante and AVB network solutions are now considered standard equipment in many production and live environments. Just one more reason to discuss the basics of this technology and its upgrades, such as the new MILAN protocol with end‐user controls. Which is why Dr. Ing. Arno Gramatke from Meyer Sound is going to address the benefits of the new standard in a hands‐on workshop at the TMT 2018.

The different topics, 30 in total, range from AA as in Audio in Asia and AT as in Array Technology to LN for Loudness in Radio and MU for MUsical aspects of a Tonmeister's work to VR for Virtual Reality and WA for Wireless Audio. So, you can expect plenty more fascinating topics on the program, including acoustics, modern recording concepts for orchestral music, object‐based production, trends in development, and mixing and mastering.

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